A clean carpet is a healthy carpet and like anything else, there are many myths about carpet cleaning.

Myths About Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are a plethora of myths on how and what should be done. Carpets are a big investment and if not taken care of properly more damage might be caused rather than preserving the carpet.

Vacuuming too Often

Like most myths, this is an “old wives tale” and is no longer true. Modern carpets are constructed to withstand more abuse. Actually not vacuuming on a regular basis can harm the carpet and cause it to wear out faster.

New Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning

Usually when someone says “my carpet is new”, it is probably more than a year or two old. It is important to keep your carpet clean from the get go. Regular cleaning of a new carpet can keep dirt and dust from getting embedded into the carpet.

Baking Soda Removes Odors

This is one that we have all heard of, but baking soda does not remove odors. Baking soda only masks odors and does not remove the source. In fact, sometimes it even makes it harder to clean the carpet itself.

Renting a Machine will Save Money

These “professional” machines have nothing on what a professional uses. Professional equipment can be very costly and if not used properly, it could actually damage the carpet. Rental machines will never perform like a pro’s.

Clean Your Carpet when it is Dirty

I you only clean your carpet when it is dirty it might be a lot dirtier than you think. Just like any other surface, even though it may look clean, there is still dust and dirt on the surface that might not be visible with the naked eye.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is always your best bet. Experienced carpet cleaners are able to recognize particular problems and know how to assess them correctly. They are also able to explain exactly what is going on with the cleaning methods.

Nebraskas Best Carpet Cleaning has over 35 years’ experience caring for carpets throughout the Lincoln and surrounding areas. We only use the safest products when we are performing our services. Staying away from harmful chemicals, only the best eco-friendly are used. Locally owned and operated means we treat every job with the utmost care.

Call or contact us and we can answer any questions (or myth answers) you have. We work with you one on one and can even provide emergency services.

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