Carpets and rugs are two different things and should be treated that way. They use unique processes to clean them.

Many people think that a carpet is a carpet and think that rugs and carpets are interchangeable. This is not true and each require a different method when cleaning.


Carpets are meant to stay in place and have a less dense pile than area rugs. That means that in order to clean it proper, different methods need to be used for cleaning each one.

The same holds true with bleed. Most carpets are made up of one solid color and the bleed is not as noticed. Rugs are usually made up of many colors and can bleed noticeably if the wrong treatments are used.


Because rugs are decorative, they usually have fringes on them. This is why you should not use a vacuum on them because the fringes can be pulled out or other damages.

Dry Soil

Because of the dense pile of a rug, dirt tends to get trapped near the base of the carpet. Vacuums cannot normally get down in there to clean it out. Thus most people take the rug outside and try to beat the dirt out causing damage to the rug.


Rugs are an expensive investment and should be cleaned by a professional that know how to clean them. Just because you find a professional carpet cleaner does not mean they know how or have the proper equipment to clean them without damaging them.


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